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Changing lives and systems for a better tomorrow 

Our values reflect the spirit which 9x fulfill's it's promise. 

Impact at scale

We work on projects that maximize resources and optimize processes for a broader reach that moves people and communities

Play, as a team

Helping people work together for common goals and fostering community is one of our guiding principals in philanthropy.

Build with heart, “Moments that move us.” 

Passion and urgency infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to consider options fully and with care. 

Support the change we seek

As in 9x we all look for the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make better our impact sustainable. 

Our mission is to unleash everyone's potential.

- AJW 9x Founder

Deliver impact at scale

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Investing in principals

The 9x Foundation believes diligence and resolve should be rewarded. We provide support that breaks down barriers to achievement.


The 9x Foundation celebrates curiosity and learning, and values the courage and tenacity that propels people forward. By removing obstacles that stand in the way of success, the 9x Foundation comes alongside the determined to overcome any challenge, any hurdle.

Ultimately, The 9x Foundation envisions a world where people and nonprofits have the support needed to serve our community.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I support the 9x mission

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Who did 9x begin


9x began when founder AJW decided to create a company organized to help people unlock their potential and grow.  Informed by lessons learned in his military and business career he founded 9x with the goal of helping employees and clients by doing business a different way.

9x Today

From our humble startup roots 9x has grown immensely in the last five years carving out a unique leadership space in our core industries. Each step forward reflects our team’s talents and innovative thoughts. Always seeking to expand and diversify we push each other and our clients to reach new heights.  This focus has fostered a remarkable increase in notable customers choosing 9x services to improve their personal and business lives.

Looking Ahead

Dedication to delivering excellent business experiences remains our top focus.  Our goal is to continue to add new and expanded offerings to the 9x Suite, working toward our shared vision of a world where everyone is thriving.  In this process we will continue to seek our likeminded bright and unique people to join us for the ride, who will contribute not just to our business services but to our culture of curiosity, openness, and vibrancy.

Our vision is clear… yours?

If so join us and help us build the future you want to live in

What are 9x Values


Our values reflect the spirit with which 9x works to fulfill our promise. 

Open company, no bullshit

Openness is key to us. Information is open internally by default and sharing is a first principle. And we understand that speaking your mind requires equal parts brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it), and caring (how it’s said).  

Build with heart and balance“Measure twice, cut once.” 

Whether you're building a birdhouse or a business, this is good advice. Passion and urgency infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to consider options fully and with care. Then we make the cut, and we get to work.  

Don't #@!% the customer

Customers are our lifeblood. Without happy customers, we’re doomed. So considering the customer perspective - collectively, not just a handful - comes first. 

Play, as a team

We spend a huge amount of our time at work. So the more that time doesn’t feel like “work,” the better. We can be serious, without taking ourselves too seriously. We strive to put what’s right for the team first – whether in a meeting room or on a football pitch.  

Be the change you seek

All at 9x should have the courage and resourcefulness to spark change – to make better our products, our people, our place. Continuous improvement is a shared responsibility. Action is an independent one.


What is the 9x Membership?

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