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Our Values, Reflect Our Heart 

Impact at scale

We work on projects that want to maximize resources and optimize processes for a broader reach that moves people and communities

Play, as a team

Helping people work together for common goals and fostering community is one of our guiding principals in philanthropy.

Build with heart, “Moments that move us.” 

Passion and urgency infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to direct our resources smartly. 

Support the change we seek

We look for the courage and resourcefulness to spark change to make our impact sustainable. 

When we partner with a cause, we go all in.

- AJW 9x Founder

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Investing in principals

The 9x Foundation believes diligence and resolve should be rewarded. We provide support that breaks down barriers to achievement.

The 9x Foundation celebrates curiosity and learning, and values the courage and tenacity that propels people forward. By removing obstacles that stand in the way of success, the 9x Foundation comes alongside the determined to overcome any challenge, any hurdle.

Ultimately, The 9x Foundation envisions a world where people and nonprofits have the support needed to serve our community.

Breann Gonzalez,

9x Executive Director

What can you do today to be a blessing to someone? 

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